Leadville’s Story of Baby Doe Tabor – Volume 1

Horace and Augusta – 1830-1878
Rare, never before published photos and actual “on location” live video takes you to the original Tabor farm in Holland, Vermont and the original Pierce home in Augusta, Maine.  Then, with digital quality color, this volume takes you further west on the exciting journey into one of the nations most intriguing TRUE stories of rags-to-riches and back to rags…along with the story of one of the most controversial love triangles ever told! Learn about Horace’s early political activities in “bleeding Kansas” and the amazing journey of Horace and Augusta’s travels through Kansas and into Colorado’s high country.
“I shall never forget the morning of my arrival. To add to the desolation of the place, one of the Kansas winds was blowing furiously… I sat down on old trunk and the tears began to flow copiously… after a few hours I dried my tears, cleaned up the cabin and prepared my first meal… rattlesnakes were everywhere…”
-Augusta Pierce Tabor  –  Kansas Territory, 1857

Approximately 60 minutes

Price: $11.95