Leadville’s Story of Baby Doe Tabor – Volume IV

/ / Leadville’s Story of Baby Doe Tabor – Volume IV

The Best of Times Demands Repentance – 1883 – 1935
Diamond studs on the diaper pins… a $15,000 christening gown…100 imported peacocks¬†strutting the grounds at their new Sherman Street mansion… 3 custom carriages… life could not get any better for the Tabors. But it most certainly could get worse…

Over the next 10 years the Tabors squandered over $10,000,000.00… and by 1898 they were destitute.¬† Horace began working at the Globe Smelter dumping slag at $3.00/day and died broke.¬† Baby and her 2 daughters suffered on the streets of Denver until Lilly finally left, never to return, and Silver Dollar was found murdered in a cheap hotel room in Chicago.

Augusta had died earlier, alone, but worth over $1.5 million a the time of her death……ah, how the worm turns….

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