Leadville’s Story of Baby Doe Tabor – Volume III

/ / Leadville’s Story of Baby Doe Tabor – Volume III

Wealth, Politics & Scandal – 1880 – 1883
Horace and Augusta Tabor had become millionaires overnight with the discovery of the Little Pittsburg silver mine in Leadville, Colorado, and Horace was now primed to further his political career. But their marriage was in ruins, and a blue eyed “Baby” Doe was ready to take the place of Augusta, with little regard for the public scandal that was already taking place…

…and neither was Augusta  ready to go. “All your intimidations and threats were of no avail when I went into this court and swore that I had not consented to this divorce willingly… Now you have the honors of Senatship which you deserted me for.  And when your month is out come home and let us live in harmony.  Or I will come to you.  There is no need of having our case dragged through court again…”
– Augusta Tabor – January, 1883

Approximately 60 minutes

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