Leadville’s Story of Baby Doe Tabor – Volume II

Elizabeth McCourt “Baby” Doe – 1854 – 1880
It was 1878 in Leadville, Colorado, and Horace & Augusta Tabor were about to become millionaires overnight. However their 19 year long marriage was suffering.

Meanwhile, a young blue eyed beauty from Oshkosh, Wisconsin was also having difficulties with her brand new marriage to Harvey Doe in Central City, Colorado.  It wasn’t long before the hands of fate would bring a 25 year old Elizabeth Doe into Leadville’s Saddle Rock Cafe where one of the country’s biggest love scandals would begin…

This volume takes you from the Tabors’ discovery of the Little Pittsburg Mine, to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and then back west to Colorado on the exciting journey into one of the nations’ most intriguing stories of rags to riches and
“…on the 2nd day of March, I went to the house of ill fame of Lizzie Preston & saw my husband in one of the rooms…”
-Baby” Doe – affidavit – Denver, 1880

Approximately 60 minutes

Price: $12.95