Leadville’s Murders, Myths and Mysteries – Volume I

/ / Leadville’s Murders, Myths and Mysteries – Volume I

True stories about real people, taken from court records, newspapers, interviews and countless other sources that haven’t been touched by human hands in over a century. “I do not believe there is a town or city that contains as many cut-throats, thievesĀ and black legs of all kinds than Leadville.” – (rare letter from a Leadville resident in 1870)

In this first volume: The Murder of Samuel Baldwin. The mystery of the tiny cabin located in the middle of Harrison Ave. A Leadville myth is debunked. This unique series has been compiled to spotlight the less-than-famous pioneers who made Leadville the amazing city it was during its early development, and dispels common myths perpetuated by inaccuracy.

Approximately 50 minutes

Price: $13.95