Leadville’s House With The Eye Museum

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Having been closed for many years, Leadville’s well known House With The Eye Museum was brought back to life in 2013 by Judge Neil V. Reynolds. Substantial repairs were made along with many new additions such as a cobbler’s bench, hangman’s nooses, and mining equipment.

Included is the original Studebaker carriage that displayed the end of prohibition in Leadville down Harrison Ave.  Only three legal hangings took place in Leadville and the nooses used in those hangings were included in countless displays. Reynold’s narrations throughout the tour are both intriguing and educational.

Judge Reynolds passed away in December of 2021and the future of the museum is now in the hands of the City of Leadville, along with all the contents.  This is the only video of the museum, shot in 2015, of the museum at its peak.

Length: 28 minutes

Price: $10.95