A Town Is Born

This is a generic, and yet totally accurate account of how a typical early western town started up and grew.  Filmed under EXCLUSIVE contract at the official South Park Historical Foundation’s recreated city located in Fairplay, Colorado, this video takes you from the early days of trapping through the late 1800’s.

It gives viewers a real taste of what life was all about in Colorado’s early development. Superb digital color. This video also includes the famous story of John Dyer (one of Colorado’s 16 “builders” featured in the Colorado State Capital Building) …and features many rare photographs never before published.

All shot on location in Chaffee County, Lake County and Park County, Colorado, and at the South Park City Museum in Fairplay, Colorado. This great educational tool is used by countless schools across the country.

Approximately 60 minutes.

Price: $11.95