About our Awards

We are proud to “tout” the numerous awards we have earned over the years for a number of reasons:

  1. They have been judged and awarded by our peers… recognized experts in the industry.
  2. The awards are unique to our industry.  Our videos are NOT Hollywood productions with special effects or inaccurate embellishments… they are true stories that need no embellishments  to be fascinating to viewers, both young and old alike.
  3. Our entries have stood up against strong competition with others, typically from all 50 states and many foreign countries… entries typically have numbered in the thousands for each category.
  4. Our awards have all been TOP finishers in their respective categories, including such notable awards as “Award of Excellence“, “Award of Distinction“, and “Award of Performance“.

Here’s just a few comments from various award competition centers:

“Your production has demonstrated a talent that exceeds a high standard of excellence; it stands as a benchmark for the industry.”

Your work is outstanding in the communication field. Your ability to communicate the story is superb. Your meticulous researching skills are obvious in this production.”

You stand among the very top professionals in your industry, and have done it without special effects or embellishments.”

You have proven a talent far above the norm for your historic documentary format and intriguing presentation style.”